What the Ajinomoto Group Aims for

With the discovery of umami serving as the cornerstone of its foundation, the Ajinomoto Group assumes the global leadership in the research and development of amino acids and conducts business rooted in cultures of various regions around the world. We, the Ajinomoto Group, will continue to brush up our unique technologies, and through our business activities, we will contribute to the resolution of issues for human society in the 21st century.

Takaaki Nishii Representative Director President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Philosophy

Corporate Message

Eat Well, Live Well.

Ajinomoto Group Mission

Our mission is to contribute
to the world’s food
and wellness, and to better
lives for the future

Ajinomoto Group Vision

Our vision is to become the genuine global food
company group with specialties guided by our leading
edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies


ASV represents our unchanging commitment:
With our stakeholders and businesses, we help solve society’s issues,
leading to the creation of economic value

The Ajinomoto Group Way

  • Create New Value
  • Pioneer Spirit
  • Social Contribution
  • Value People