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Sauce & Seasoning Dept., Food Products Division

Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies, Kawasaki Plant

Kyushu Branch, Food Products Division

Vice President, Ajinomoto Poland, Warsaw, Poland

Specialty Chemicals Dept., AminoScience Division

Global Communications Dept., Global Corporate Division

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Engagement Survey

Valuing people is in the Ajinomoto Group’s DNA. This is demonstrated by the Ajinomoto Group Engagement Survey launched in 2017. The aim of the survey is to measure employees’ motivation and level of engagement with the company and its mission, vision, and values (ASV, or Ajinomoto Group Shared Value). The results are used to implement workstyle and workplace initiatives.

Our 2019 Engagement Survey found that 80% of the respondents empathize with ASV (Ajinomoto Group Shared Value) and are motivated to contribute more to ASV.

Starting in fiscal year 2020, the Engagement Survey is being conducted on an annual basis. It not only measures employee engagement but also plays a role in estimating achievement and effectiveness of our goal of “transforming management of HR and organizations,” an important initiative of the 20-25 Mid-Term Management Plan for the Group overall and each organization.

Utilizing the Engagement Survey results, we will help individual employees develop an individual understanding and appreciation of ASV , and work to foster an organizational culture in which employees actively contribute more to the development and growth of the Ajinomoto Group.