Sustainability Data Book 2018

The Sustainability Data Book complements the Integrated Report (that provides a big picture explanation of the value created by the Group taking into consideration both economic and social values) with detailed information of the Group’s initiatives on sustainability. It consists of detailed reports based on the seven core subjects of the ISO 26000, and are divided into sections on “Health and Well-being”, “Food Resources and Global Sustainability” and “Business Foundation.” Examples of initiatives on the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV) are presented in ASV STORIES.

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Download Entire Report

Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Data Book 2018 e-Book 153 Pages [PDF:17.7MB]
Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Data Book 2018 –Personnel and Labor-Related Data html 9 Pages [PDF:267KB]
Ajinomoto Group Sustainability Data Book 2018 –Environmental Data html 6 Pages [PDF:478KB]
GRI Standards content Index html
Global Review 9 Pages [PDF:176KB]

Download Sections of the Report

Message from the President and CEO html 2 Pages [PDF:188KB]
The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value, ASV 2 Pages [PDF:265KB]
Target Management Indicators 1 Pages [PDF:109KB]
Identification of Material Issues 1 Pages [PDF:134KB]
Ajinomoto Group Materiality 2 Pages [PDF:210KB]
Dialogues and Collaboration with Stakeholders 4 Pages [PDF:209KB]

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Health and Well-being 39 Pages [PDF:3.5MB]
Ajinomoto Group challenge html 1 Pages [PDF:69KB]
Food, Nutrition, and a Comfortable Lifestyle(Consumer Issues and Community) 19 Pages [PDF:2.2MB]
Safety of Products and Services(Consumer Issues and Community) 12 Pages [PDF:544KB]
Collaboration with Community(Consumer Issues and Community) 7 Pages [PDF:801KB]
Food Resources and Global Sustainability 43 Pages [PDF:11.3MB]
Ajinomoto Group challenge html 1 Pages [PDF:95KB]
The Environment 32 Pages [PDF:10.8MB]
Fair Operating Practices 10 Pages [PDF:453KB]
Business Foundation 46 Pages [PDF:1.8MB]
Ajinomoto Group challenge html 1 Pages [PDF:124KB]
Human Resources(Labor Practices) 21 Pages [PDF:926KB]
Occupational Safety and Health(Labor Practices) 9 Pages [PDF:481KB]
Human Rights 5 Pages [PDF:130KB]
Organizational Governance 10 Pages [PDF:369KB]

Report Download

Sustainability Report 2017 156 Pages [PDF:23.5MB]
Sustainability Report 2016 146 Pages [PDF:22.2MB]
Sustainability Report 2015 151 Pages [PDF:23.7MB]
Sustainability Report 2014 148 Pages [PDF:36.9MB]
Sustainability Report 2013 132 Pages [PDF:16.5MB]
Sustainability Report 2012 118 Pages [PDF:17.0MB]
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