The activity for sustainability / Burning Rice Husks to Power Boilers at Plants

The activity for sustainability

Burning Rice Husks to Power Boilers at Plants

AJI-NO-MOTO® is made from the bounties of nature, such as sugarcane and cassava. We work with the local communities where we manufacture to lower the burden of the production processes on the environment. One of these initiatives is a biomass boiler in Thailand.

AJI-NO-MOTO® is made in many parts of the world. In Thailand, sugarcane and cassava are the main ingredients. As in other regions of the world, we have long reused the nutritious liquid byproduct of amino acid fermentation as a fertilizer for our own ingredients and for local rice plants.

At Ajinomoto Co., Inc, we call this cycle of resources the "bio-cycle." At the Kamphaeng Phet Plant, Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. , we have created a unique "Double Bio-cycles" by using local rice husks.

Thailand is one of the world's leading rice producers and generates huge amounts of rice husks. When searching for a way to use these husks as an energy source in place of fuel oil, we had explored many possibilities. Finally, in December 2008, we began operating a biomass boiler at the Kamphaeng Phet Plant that burns rice husks to generate energy.

The rice plants that the husks come from include those that were being fertilized with the byproduct of amino acid fermentation. The byproduct of AJI-NO-MOTO® production fertilizes rice, and the husks from the same rice are used as a fuel for the plant—an "energy bio-cycle."
y replacing the old fuel oil boiler with the biomass boiler, we have also been able to cut the plant's CO2 emissions by some 100,000 tonnes (some 50 percent) per year.* Expectations are high for the "Double Bio-cycle" that effectively uses local biomass and benefits both the plant and the local community in many ways.

  • *1 The reduction rate combines both the reduction in direct emissions (e.g., due to burning fuel oil) and indirect emissions (e.g., due to buying electricity).
* "AJI-NO-MOTO®" is Ajinomoto Co., Inc.'s registered trademark for the umami seasoning products.