Social Issues to Resolve and Values to Create as The Ajinomoto Group

The Ajinomoto Group’s aim is to achieve sustainable growth through ASV which is our unchanging commitment: with our stakeholders and businesses, we help solve society’s issues, leading to the creation of economic value. We have identified “Healthy Living”, “Food Resources” and “Global Sustainability” as social issues that we believe we can help resolve. We will help resolve them by creating social and economic value through business activities based on our ASV value creation stories. 

How Business Activities and Social/Economic Value Connect

Resolving social issues through business activities linked to the four lines of value creation stories creates economic value for the Ajinomoto Group. By creating social and economic value, we build up our corporate brand value, which leads to further sustainable value creation as we seek to be a “Genuine Global Specialty Company”. 

Roadmap to a “Genuine Global Specialty Company”

We will build a robust business structure that generates sustained profitability through ASV, and become a global top 10 class food company by FY2020. Once achieved we will maintain our position as a global top 10 class company, and we will continue to create social and economic value, leading to sustained business growth. 

Business Direction of FY2017-2019 Medium-Term Management Plan

We will continue to execute our “FIT & GROW with Specialty” plan during the FY2017-2019 Medium-Term Management Plan outlook period. For our Food Products business, we aim to achieve global growth by strengthening our regional portfolio. For AminoScience business, we will strengthen our business portfolio by establishing specialties. As a business segment which is closely linked to both Food Products and AminoScience businesses, we plan to develop our Integrated Food Solutions into another core business segment. We will also construct sustainable value chains across business-spanning that support our businesses. 


We are confident that we will achieve sustainable growth through these efforts.
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