Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute (AGRI) Receives
2011 Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology
Outstanding Amino Acid Production Technology Rated Highly

Tokyo, February 29, 2012 - Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Ajinomoto) announced today that research and development subsidiary Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute (AGRI) had received the 2011 Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology1 (Russian Science and Technology Prize) for the development of an innovative biotechnology process for producing amino acids.

AGRI was established in 1998 as a joint venture between Ajinomoto and Genetika Research Institute, a state research institute. In 2003, AGRI became a wholly owned Ajinomoto subsidiary. The first research joint venture in Russia established by a foreign company, AGRI conducts research and development with a focus on breeding microorganisms for producing amino acids through fermentation.2

The Russian Science and Technology Prize that AGRI received is one of the most prestigious prizes in Russia. The government of the Russian Federation awards it for outstanding research achievements that contribute to the development of the Russia economy. Prime Minister Putin officially signed the award certificate on Monday, February 6 local time, and Russia newspapers announced the executive order on Wednesday, February 15.

The prize-winning project and the reasons it received the prize are as follows.

The Prize-Winning Project
The Development of an Innovative Biotechnology Process for Producing Amino Acids

Reasons the Research Results Received the Prize
The technologies developed at AGRI are currently being commercialized at Ajinomoto's production bases around the world. The above project was recognized for this global scale of achievement in manufacturing. Moreover, the amino acids produced using the results of the research contribute to many facets of the Russia economy, including agriculture. In addition, AGRI was recognized for its research achievements, which over the 12 years since its establishment have significantly contributed to the development of Russian science and technology.

The Russian government awards its Science and Technology Prize annually to a total of 30 projects from an array of industry sectors. Ten people receive the prize per project. In fiscal 2011, the breakdown by sector of the 30 award-winning projects was four in medical treatment, two in biotechnology, three in construction, two in space, three in agriculture, one in light industry, two in chemistry, one in information technology, eight in energy, two in transportation, one in resources, and one in materials and ingredients.

AGRI submitted an application in the biotechnology sector and was tentatively chosen by the government review council in December 2011 after nine months of evaluation. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held in the Russian White House in December 2012.

The ten people involved in the project who received awards include seven researchers at AGRI and three employees of Ajinomoto.

Ajinomoto Group research and development must demonstrate leadership as the Group's growth driver. Accordingly, we energetically promote open and link innovation through collaboration with AGRI and the research and development divisions of other Group companies while using our external research and development network.

Overview of Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute (as of January 2012)
(1) Company name: ZAO “Ajinomoto-Genetika Research Institute”
(2) Location: Moscow, Russia
(3) Capital: 468,151,964 rubles
(4) Shareholder: Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (100% of equity)
(5) Business objective: Research and development of microorganisms involved in amino acid and nucleotide production and related basic research
(6) Board members: President: Vitaly G. Paraskevov
Vice President: Norimasa Onishi
(7) Employees: 114, including 98 researchers

1. Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology (Russian Science and Technology Prize)
This prize is awarded to applied science projects for outstanding research achievements that contribute to development of the Russian economy. It is one of the most prestigious prizes awarded by the Russian Federation government, ranking alongside the State Prize of the Russian Federation for Science and Technology for researchers in basic science fields.
2. Research and development with a focus on breeding microorganisms for producing amino acids through fermentation
AGRI, in collaboration with Ajinomoto, breeds microorganisms for producing amino acids, nucleotides and other products through fermentation. Ajinomoto Group production bases in countries worldwide use the microorganisms that AGRI breeds. AGRI has applied for 180 patents and holds about 90 overseas patents. It has also published approximately 100 academic papers in scientific journals.

Please visit http://www.ajinomoto.co.jp/rd/ for additional details on the Ajinomoto Group's research network and its research and development programs.

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