Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Develops StemFit® AK02N
Cell Culture Medium with World-Class Performance
for Basic Research into Regenerative Medicine
Launch in Japan on Thursday, October 1, 2015, with Consignment Sales through
ReproCELL, Inc. and TAKARA BIO Inc.
TOKYO, September 24, 2015 – Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (“Ajinomoto Co.”) has successfully developed StemFit® AK02N, a high-performance cell culture medium that is expected to be used for basic research into regenerative medicine. The product will be launched in Japan on Thursday, October 1, 2015 through ReproCELL, Inc. (“ReproCELL”) and TAKARA BIO Inc. (“TAKARA BIO”), who will handle consignment sales. By providing a cell culture medium with world-class performance for basic research into regenerative medicine, Ajinomoto Co. will broaden the range and contribute to the rapid development of research into regenerative medicine.

StemFit® AK02N cell culture medium for basic research using iPS and ES cells

Ajinomoto Co. has been providing StemFit® AK03, which it developed jointly with the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application at Kyoto University, to related facilities in Japan as a cell culture medium for clinical research into regenerative medicine. To address basic research needs, Ajinomoto Co. has developed StemFit® AK02N as a cell culture medium with a similar composition and comparable performance to that of StemFit® AK03. StemFit® AK02N has the world’s highest level of performance as a culture medium for propagation of iPS and ES cells and achieves higher cost performance than the products of other companies in terms of replacement frequency, proliferation rate and stability.
Image of target number of facilities
(basic research to clinical research)

Ajinomoto Co. will begin by supplying StemFit® AK02N to a wide range of researchers in regenerative medicine in Japan through a sales tie-up with ReproCELL and TAKARA BIO, who lead regenerative medicine in Japan while supporting related research globally.

Through sales of its StemFit® culture media for the cultivation of iPS and ES cells, Ajinomoto Co. will contribute to the development of regenerative medicine and new pharmaceuticals, and thus to the healthy lives of people worldwide.

1. Product Overview:
 (1) Product name: StemFit® AK02N
 (2) Features: A culture medium that enables maintenance and a high rate of expansion of undifferentiated iPS and ES cells. It offers both outstanding performance and a high level of safety for basic research needs.
Note: Not intended for clinical research.
 (3) Product format: Three component solutions to be mixed when used.
One set makes approximately 500 mL of culture medium.
 (4) Scheduled price: JPY 35,000/set
2. Start of Sales: Thursday, October 1, 2015
3. Sales Area: Throughout Japan

iPS cell:
Induced pluripotent stem cell. A cell made by introducing various types of reprogramming factors into human somatic cells. iPS cells can differentiate into various tissue and organ cells and proliferate indefinitely in culture.

ES cell:
Embryonic stem cell. A stem cell derived from the inner cell mass of a human embryo that is capable of differentiating into the various tissue and organ cells that make up the body.

Overview of ReproCELL, Inc.
(1) Company name: ReproCELL, Inc.
(2) Address: KDX Shin-Yokohama 381 Building 9F, 3-8-11 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
(3) Representative: Chikafumi Yokoyama, Chief Executive Officer
(4) Established: February 26, 2003
(5) Capital: JPY 3,815 million (as of March 31, 2015)
(6) Business description: Manufacture and sale of research reagents and cellular products for iPS cells, support for drug discovery, and clinical testing services.

Overview of TAKARA BIO Inc.
(1) Company name: TAKARA BIO Inc.
(2) Address: 7-4-38 Nojihigashi, Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan
(3) Representative: Koichi Nakao, President
(4) Established: April 1, 2002
(5) Capital: JPY 14,965 million (as of March 31, 2015)
(6) Business description: Manufacture and sale of research reagents and scientific instruments, contracted research and production services, gene therapy development, manufacture and sale of functional foods and mushrooms, etc.

About Ajinomoto Co.
Ajinomoto Co. is a global manufacturer of high-quality seasonings, processed foods, beverages, amino acids, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. For many decades Ajinomoto Co. has contributed to food culture and human health through wide-ranging application of amino acid technologies. Today, the company is becoming increasingly involved with solutions for improved food resources, human health and global sustainability. Founded in 1909 and now operating in 26 countries and regions, Ajinomoto Co. had net sales of JPY 1,006.6 billion (USD 9.17 billion) in fiscal 2014. For more about Ajinomoto Co. (TYO: 2802), visit www.ajinomoto.com.

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