The Basic Flavor of the Japanese Cuisine comes from "Dashi"

Dashi (Soup stock)

Dashi provides the basic flavor for Japanese cuisine

When talking about the taste of many of the Japanese, dashi appears as the most important element.
In other words, dashi ensures the pleasant taste of a large variety of recipes.
For instance, dashi is used to add umami and flavor, in vegetables, meats, fish and seafood dishes. It hances and balances the overall taste of those dishes.

Dashi in soups

When dashi is used to prepare clear, miso, and noodle soup or the tempura dipping sauce,
and soup for one-pot dishes the delicate taste of umami blends into the soup.

Cooking with Dashi to add flavor

Dashi adds umami and flavor during cooking rice, for instance, simmering and marinating dishes,
or after soaking boiled vegetables garnished with dressing.