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What is DASHI?

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square DASHI is the basic taste of Japan.
When telling the taste of a Japanese food, DASHI is the most important.
DASHI is a flavor for a good taste if it says at one word.
DASHI is used for various dishes to add the flavor using the taste itself efficiently, so that Japanese enjoy the vegetables of the four seasons and the taste of seafood.

dot Cooking using DASHI as a soup
Clear soup, Miso soup, Sauce for Tempura, Soup for noodles and Soup for one-pot dishes.
The taste of the soup itself becomes the conclusive taste of the delicacy of cooking.

dot Cooking using DASHI as a flavor
Cooked rice, Simmered dishes, Marinated dishes, Boiled vegetable with dressing and Soaked vegetable.
It gives the flavor when it cooks.

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