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ichijyu-sansai; This is the standard Japanese food. Fukusai Fukusai Gohan Shirumono Shusai

"ICHIJYU-SANSAI" (1 soup and 3 dishes) This is a basic set.

GOHAN and SHIRUMONO. Meat or Fish is for one main dish. They are completed with two side dishes from Simmered dishes, Vegetables with dressing and Marinated vegetables. "One soup and three dishes" is the format of Japanese-style menu including the balance of the taste and nutrition, differed from which is completed with one dish, such as Sushi and Noodles. Normally, there is the plate dish of pickles, but it is not counted to the number of dishes. There are some different format for a restaurant today, such as simple "One soup and one dish" and rich "Two soup and five dishes" for a special occasion.