Nigeria    West African Seasoning Co., Ltd.

Name: Raphael Chukwuemeka (upper left)

I am proud of wearing this uniform while working. I will contribute to this company which is like a family for me.

Name: Ajayi O. Johnson (upper middle)

When I began to wear this uniform, people started quickly recognizing that I am a sales person in the market. I am very proud of it.

Name: Philip Abiodun (upper right)

I have been feeling that this uniform is effective to further improve the evaluation for myself as a sales person.


Name: Emmanuel Inegbedion (left)
Position: Sales staff
Sector: Sales Team B at Lagos Branch
Organization: West African Seasoning Co., Ltd. (WASCO)

Wearing uniform further increases my loyalty for the company. I enjoy working with the sales team.

Taken with a customer in the market!