Ajinomoto Bangladesh Ltd. (ABL)

Mr. Sirajul Islam
Supervisor, Sales dept.

♥ Everyone knows in the market because of this uniform. In this uniform I have logo embodied in red color as well as the name of company which tells the customers that I am from ABL. Which give me feeling to enjoy my work.

Mr. Abul Hasanat
Sales dept.

♥ My uniform makes me more passionate to work in ABL. It gives me the identity and pride that I am belonging to Ajinomoto family by wearing this uniform.

Mr. Al-Amin
Sales dept.

♥ My uniform is my identity and people can easily recognize me in the market from backside as a ABL salesman. I am feeling proud for wearing this uniform.

Mr. Raihan Parvez
Sales dept.

♥ My uniform is one of way for representing Ajinomoto brand which makes me more confident and outstanding in the market that I am the ABL sales man.