Taro Fujie

Member of the Board,
Representative Executive Officer, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Hiroshi Shiragami

Member of the Board,
Representative Executive Officer & Executive Vice President

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), and
Supervision of Research and Development

Tatsuya Sasaki

Member of the Board,
Executive Officer & Senior Vice President

General Manager, Global Corporate Division and Corporate Service Division
In charge of diversity and HR

Masaya Tochio

Member of the Board

Kimie Iwata

Outside Director

Takashi Nawa

Outside Director

Joji Nakayama

Outside Director

Atsushi Toki

Outside Director

Mami Indo

Outside Director

Yoko Hatta

Outside Director

Executive Officer & Senior Vice President

  • Yoshiteru Masai (General Manager, Food Products Division)
  • Takayuki Koda (Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and Chief Transformation Officer (CXO))

Executive Officer & Vice President

  • Tetsuya Nakano (In charge of Finance & Investor Relations)
  • Sumio Maeda (General Manager, AminoScience Division)
  • Junichiro Kojima (Deputy General Manager, Food Products Division, and General Manager, Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies)
  • Ikuo Kira (Deputy General Manager, AminoScience Division, and General Manager, Research Institute for Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals, and General Manager, Kawasaki Plant)
  • Narutoshi Fukase (Deputy General Manager, Food Products Division, Supervision of Food Products Sales)
  • Jiro Sakamoto (General Manager, North America Division, and President, Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America,Inc.)
  • Ichiro Sakakura (General Manager, ASEAN Division, and President, AJINOMOTO CO. (THAILAND) LTD.)
  • Masami Kashiwakura (General Manager, Europe & Africa Division, and President, AJINOMOTO FOODS EUROPE S.A.S., and President, AJINOMOTO EUROPE S.A.S.)
  • Shigeo Nakamura (General Manager, Latin America Division, and President, AJINOMOTO DO BRASIL INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS LTDA.)
  • Tatsuya Okamoto (Deputy General Manager, Food Products Division, In charge of Marketing Strategy)
  • Hideaki Kawana (Supervision of Frozen Foods)

Executive Officer

  • Chika Morishima (In charge of Sustainability and Communications)
  • Masaki Kashihara (In charge of Business Model Transformation, and General Manager, Research and Business Planning Dept.)
  • Takumi Matsuzawa (In charge of Internal Control and Audit Committee)