Global Sustainability

Reduce impact of business activities for global sustainability

The Ajinomoto Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact through business activities. The Group will continue to help create a sustainable circular economy through the purposeful actions of each individual.


The Ajinomoto Group business is built on top of a healthy global environment and rich ecosystems. In order to continue being an integral part of society, the Group needs to conduct business activities that help transform society into an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon, circular economy. The Group will continue contributing to global sustainability by determining environmental impact across the entire lifecycle and initiatives to reduce such impact.

Ajinomoto Group Long-Term Environmental Vision: Environmental Targets

Together with communities and customers, the Ajinomoto Group contributes to the global environment through initiatives that are ahead of international targets, from manufacturing to consumption. The medium- to long-term environmental targets encompass the overall product lifecycle to become carbon neutral, creation of an environment where water resources are sustained, and zero emissions of waste materials.

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