Rapid response to consumer lifestyle changes


The Ajinomoto Group has aimed to realize health and well-being, pursuing to balance nutrition and deliciousness. In response to diversifying consumers’ lifestyles, we are striving to offer new, more personalized value and to increase opportunities for communication with individual consumers. Particularly, we are strengthening our approach to Generation Z, who will play a leading role in the future. We are working to expand our fan base by providing value through support for people's habits and physical well-being, real experiences, and enjoyable contributions to ethical and sustainability.
Additionally, we are also taking an approach that embraces the changes in consumer behavior (spending more time at home, increasing use of e-commerce) and the changes in awareness (health-conscious eating habits, nutritional balance, emphasis on the number of calories consumed, pursuit of well-being) due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
To respond to the diversification of consumer values, we will provide a wider range of solutions in the future.

Specific examples

  • Fair marketing and advertising
  • Product access and affordability
  • Response to diversification of values (smart cooking, joy of eating)
  • Eating alone, eating personalized meals

Related opportunities and risks (Opportunity Risk)

  • Enhancing corporate reputation by offering the joy of eating together
  • New value creation using digital technology etc.
  • Loss of growth opportunities due to delayed response to consumer lifestyle changes or diversifying values

Key initiatives by the Ajinomoto Group

  • Creating strong communities and social bonds through food
  • Advanced marketing efforts by leveraging big data and consumer data
  • Building strategies to deal with smaller markets
  • Properly delivering products, services, and information to customers
  • Expanding products and services to meet the need for convenience, such as smart cooking

Related SDGs

  • goal_3
  • goal_3

Activity Report

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