Conservation of water resources


As the global population rises, so does the expected demand for water. Another issue is the ubiquitous presence of fresh water around the world. The depletion of water resources not only impacts water used for production, but also the procurement of raw materials. Drought, flooding, or poor water quality could also result in production delays.
The Ajinomoto Group is committed to further reduction in water use and wastewater emissions in our ongoing production processes, maintaining forests for water resources and engaging in other actions to create an environment that allows for sustainable water usage.

Specific examples

  • Water and wastewater management
  • Agriculture and livestock water use

Related opportunities and risks (Opportunity Risk)

  • Stable procurement of raw materials and stable supply of products by reducing water risk
  • Production stagnation due to droughts, floods or water quality deterioration
  • Damage to corporate value due to delays in addressing water resource conservation

Key initiatives by the Ajinomoto Group

  • Maintaining forests for water sources
  • Developing wastewater treatment technology

Related SDGs

  • goal_6
  • goal_12
  • goal_14
  • Reduction rate of water consumption per production volume unit (vs. FY2005)
  • Recharge rate of drinking water into forest

Activity Report

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