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  • What is umami taste?

    Umami is the mild savory, broth-like or meaty taste of the amino acid glutamate. It is considered the 5th basic taste together with sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

  • We're not here just to harvest, but to serve the growth of local agriculture.

    Amino acids are produced by fermenting local crops. We improve and return nutrient-rich by-products of fermentation as co-products to enrich the cycle of local lives. -Co-Product Application-

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  • A mere twosome operation a few years back has grown to produce prosperity for the entire region.

    Adapting to the community came first. As our project grew, so did the benefits for everyone in the community. -Overseas Market Development-

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  • The affected are those blessing us with energy.

    In temporary housing in Tohoku, the best we can do is share in the simple joy of cooking together. -Reconstruction Assistance Activities for Affected Areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake-

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