Amino Acids for Early Detection of Diseases

AminoIndex detects health risks from amino acid balance in blood

The amino acid balance in blood is constantly regulated and maintained at certain levels. Amino acids make various metabolic networks in the body. When we get sick the metabolism balance often changes, which affects the amino acid concentration in our blood. Why does the amino acid concentration change? Because of metabolic, immunological, and functional changes related to the process of a disease. Various cancers, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other conditions can trigger changes in blood amino acid concentration. Using this knowledge, the Ajinomoto Group developed AminoIndex® technology. AminoIndex® detects health risks by comparing the amino acid balance in patient blood samples against indexes of multiple amino acid concentrations.

Image diagram: Balance of amino acid concentrations in blood changes with heatlh condition

With AminoIndex® technology it is possible to check for health risks quickly using a small blood sample. This makes it ideal for monitoring and diagnosing health conditions. The Ajinomoto Group also uses AminoIndex® technology for analysis and the knowledge gained is being used to develop new amino acid products.

The Ajinomoto Group is contributing to the well-being of all human beings,
our society and our planet with "AminoScience".

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