Unlocking the power of amino acids to support the healthy lives of people all around the world.

There is no one solution to preventing or treating illnesses. However, these are four important steps that can be taken to support the immune system and overall wellness as well as help protect others.

The Ajinomoto Group was built on a history and foundation of “Eat Well, Live Well,” reflecting our founder’s hope to promote well-balanced meals that are full of flavor and nutrition.

We are committed to helping people everywhere overcome challenges through sustainable solutions that allow them to enjoy good food and better health.

The Ajinomoto Group is driven by the philosophy that when nutritious foods taste good, are easily accessible, and respect local customs and flavors, global health can be optimized.

As a global company, we aim to develop long-term solutions that help address the challenges of over and under nutrition around the world.

Our method of scientifically assessing the nutritional value of products in order to reformulate existing products and develop healthier options.