Learn how we’re doing our part to make the world a better place through practices and initiatives that seek to resolve material issues of health and well-being, food resources and global sustainability.

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Integrated Report

Resolutely restructuring to realize sustainable growth

Raising the efficiency of invested capital and ensure the improvement of shareholder value through ASV

Looking ahead to the future era of society, find out how we are challenging to help resolve society’s issues and create value.

Learn materiality items we’ve identified, which will have a substantial impact on our ability to create value through ASV.

See non-financial/financial integrated targets for FY2020.

Find out outlines of each segment’s growth strategies for becoming a Genuine Global Specialty Company.

Developing a management and governance structure to respond flexibly to environmental changes.

See our approach to maximize limited food resources and provide more value, while reducing impact of business activities for global sustainability.

See our approach to realizing sustainable growth and initiatives by each materiality item in the Sustainability Data Book.

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