Create a better Future for all human beings through the Possibilities of Amino AcidsCreate a better Future for all human beings
through the Possibilities of Amino Acids

What We Pursue

Amino acids are essential for all living things on the planet. The Ajinomoto Group has been studying amino acids since its founding over 100 years ago. We pursue a wide range of possibilities through a unique scientific approach we call “AminoScience.”

白神 浩

CIO Message

Creating a future for human beings, society,
and our planet through innovation

白神 浩

Hiroshi Shiragami

Director, Representative Executive Officer & Executive Vice President
Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), and Supervision of Research and Development


Overview of Research

Learn about our research efforts including the R&D organizations and facilities that lead the business growth of the Ajinomoto Group, global network that enables us to share technology across the Group, open innovation platform for creating new value with our business partners, and the intellectual property that makes up our technological assets.

New Business Development Project

Learn about our internal entrepreneurship program. All employees who wish to start their own business are eligible, and a select few are chosen to turn their new business plans into reality.

A-Starters Internal 
Entrepreneurship Program
A-Starters Internal Entrepreneurship Program

Research Papers

Learn about key research papers we have published in academic journals.

Research Papers Research Paper