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How the Ajinomoto Group realizes greater wellness for people all around the world through amino science, explained simply.

Cook Do® Excites Japanese Families in its 40th year. See one of the best practice of how ASV is put on the ground.

The Ajinomoto group’s global corporate film expressing our mission to contribute to the world’s food and wellness through our amino science-based solutions.

This story is about the Ajinomoto Group that contributes to home cooking today.

MSG gives food a savory, umami taste, and is considered the purest form of umami. You can dive into umami and MSG information through these videos.

Watch our collection of Umami Recipes.

Simply put, amino acids are the secret to eating and living well. Aware of their infinite possibilities, we have been vigorously pursuing amino acid research across a wide range of areas.

Watch videos various ways of enjoying gyoza dumpling.