Integrated Report

Message from the President and CEO

Integrated Report 2021

Integrated Report 2020

Integrated Report 2019

Integrated Report 2018

Separate Files of Integrated Report 2021

  • Ajinomoto Group Objectives
  • Ajinomoto Group Unity
  • Message from the President and CEO
  • Shift to a Company with Three Committees
  • Enhancing the Sustainability Promotion Framework
  • Path toward the 2030 Outcomes
  • Understanding of External Environment and Materiality
  • Strengths of Our Businesses
  • Approach to Reducing Environmental Impacts and to Nutrition
  • Core Businesses and Solutions for Social Issues
  • Ajinomoto Group Supply Chain
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Overall Structure and Progress of 2020-2025 Medium-Term Management Plan
  • DX That Promotes “Resolving Food and Health Issues”
  • Establish a Revenue Structure for Efficient Growth
  • Raise Value for Consumers Centered on Health
  • Transform Management of Human Resources and Organization
  • Feature 1:Using our regional alliances and big data to address food and health issues
  • Feature 2:Creating green ammonia to attain the SDGs
  • Review of Fiscal 2020 Financial Results by Segment
  • Growth Strategies for the Core Businesses
  • Financial Capital Strategy
  • Corporate Governance
  • Directors and Executive Officers
  • Ten-Year Summary of Financial Data
  • Performance Data
  • Global Network
  • Corporate Data / Stock Information / External Evaluations
  • Glossary
  • Key Communication Materials