ASV Report (Integrated Report)

Message from the President and CEO

ASV Report 2023

ASV Report 2022

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Separate Files of ASV Report 2023

  • Advanced Ajinomoto Group Purpose
  • What is “AminoScience”?
  • The Story of our Founding
  • What ASV means to me
  • All about the Ajinomoto Group
  • What the Ajinomoto Group will be in 2030
  • Using “AminoScience” to accelerate our growth and progressing from structural reform to growth
  • Important issues (Materiality) for the Ajinomoto Group
  • “AminoScience” in action
  • CIO dialogue: The strength of the Ajinomoto Group based on “AminoScience” and establishing sustainable growth through innovation in the four growth areas
  • Connecting the core businesses to the four growth areas


  • Strengths in the healthcare area
  • The AJIPHASE® breakthrough
  • Strength of the Ajinomoto Group in culture media for regenerative medicine

Food & Wellness

  • Current strengths in the Food & Wellness area
  • D2C platform innovations that deliver the joy of personalized cuisine
  • From “Food” to “Meals” _ A new business model based on the FaaS concept


  • ABF: The semiconductor insulator film that has become a global standard
  • An image of the future in the ICT area


  • “AminoScience” that leads the “with Earth” Era
  • Intangible assets
  • Human assets
  • Customer assets
  • Technology assets
  • Sustainability
  • Financial capital strategy
  • Corporate governance
  • Auditing systems
  • Business execution
  • Initiatives to stimulate discussion at the Board of Directors
  • Compensation
  • Sustainability and Risk Management
  • Internal control system / compliance / principal risks
  • Directors and executive officers
  • Review of financial results by segment
  • Ten-year summary of financial data
  • Performance data
  • Global network
  • Corporate data / stock information / stock performance
  • External evaluations / key communication materlals