By the Numbers

By the Numbers

A time-honored brand Since 1909

Since the success of our first product Umami seasoning AJI-NO-MOTO®, the Group has steadily expanded its business, guided by its aspiration to apply its unique strengths to help resolve social issues by contributing to food and wellness.


Bases in 36 countries and regions worldwide, the Ajinomoto Group operates a wide range of businesses—from foods and amino acids to pharmaceuticals—deeply rooted in cultures around the world.

A global production network 117 factories

We deliver safe and reliable products to people worldwide.We understand and respect global diversity around food customs, values, preferences, and needs.We propose nutritionally balanced menus that utilize readily available ingredients and popular local recipes. In this way, we contribute to healthier, more comfortable lifestyles by offering consumers total solutions that combine information, products, and services.

A diversified business group 1,359.1 billion yen

By combining the various functions of amino acids, we have succeeded in diversifying our business beyond foods and seasonings into areas such as healthcare and electronic materials.

The Ajinomoto Group Corporate video

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