The Four Growth Areas

The Ajinomoto Group is aiming to fulfill its vision for 2030 and beyond by directing its current food products and AminoScience businesses toward four growth areas where we expect ongoing long-term market growth, where we can create attractive social value, and where we can fully leverage our “AminoScience.” We are refocusing our business target areas and concentrating the investment of the Ajinomoto Group management resources into the four growth areas of Healthcare, Food & Wellness, ICT, and Green.

Ajinomoto Group’s Business Activities
Ajinomoto Group’s Business Activities
Eat Well,Live Well.


Contributing to advance treatment and prevention and to help extend healthy life expectancy

We are using “AminoScience” to deeply understand the human body and create therapeutic modalities that will advance medical treatment and prevention and contribute to longer, healthier lives.

Food & Wellness

Contributing to well-being and self-fulfillment through food

With a new business model utilizing “AminoScience,” we can connect with all consumers to offer delicious foods and services. Our aim is to provide products and services that promote health, nutritional value, and well-being.


Contributing to advance semiconductors for a smart society

We are applying “AminoScience” to innovate faster semiconductors with lower environmental impact, and to improve the well-being of consumers in a smart society.


Creating new food standards and transitioning to recycling-based biocycles

We are creating new food standards for future generations and reducing our environmental impact. We are applying “AminoScience” to realize a sustainable society and planet through the transition to recycling-based biocycles with less environmental impact.