What is “AminoScience”?

What is “AminoScience”?

The Ajinomoto Group has been researching and applying the functions of amino acids for over 100 years and has created a vast variety of new materials, functions, technologies, and services. We have developed a unique scientific approach to maximizing our resources and to resolving social issues and contributing to people’s well-being. The Ajinomoto Group refers to this overall scientific approach as “AminoScience.”

The infinite potential in amino acids

Protein is the most important nutrient in forming the bodies of not just humans but all living organisms, and amino acids are the smallest components in protein. The Ajinomoto Group has been rigorously researching amino acids since its founding with a focus on the four functions of amino acids:
1) the flavoring function making foods delicious
2) the nutrition function delivering nutrition to the body
3) the physiological function promoting a healthy physical condition
4) the reactivity which leads to creating new functions

The value we have created from these functions and developed into products and services range from food and medical products to electronic materials. Our research and development in recent years has discovered that the capabilities of amino acids are far greater than we ever imagined and reach into such fields as medicine and semiconductors. The Ajinomoto Group’s strength is its ability to harness the functions of amino acids. The Group is proud to be a leader in amino acids, and we are committed to “AminoScience” and pursuing the expanding potential of amino acids.

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