“AminoScience” and 
the Four Growth Areas
“AminoScience” and the Four Growth Areas

In order to further accelerate business growth across the two axes of food- and AminoScience-related businesses, we will achieve sustainable growth in the four growth areas of Healthcare, Food & Wellness, ICT, and Green by leveraging "AminoScience"—the foundation of our existing businesses.

Basic Policy of the Four Growth Areas

To ensure the Ajinomoto Group achieves dramatic growth, we have defined four growth areas with high market growth potential where we can generate high social value leveraging the strength of "AminoScience." We will develop a PoF (Picture of the Future) of what people, society, and the planet will be like in the future that current and future generations of employees will be part of, examine solutions to social issues we can contribute to with "AminoScience" in the four growth areas, and translate that to a specific roadmap.

By defining issues faced by people, society, and the planet in the future that require solutions in the four growth areas, and evolving "AminoScience," we will create value unique to the Ajinomoto Group that contributes to well-being, in other words ASV*. The four growth areas are areas where the Ajinomoto Group can achieve growth and its purpose.

*ASV: Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value

What is “AminoScience”?

The Ajinomoto Group has been researching and applying the functions of amino acids for over 100 years and has created a vast variety of new materials, functions, technologies, and services. We have developed a unique scientific approach to maximizing our resources and to resolving social issues and contributing to people’s well-being. The Ajinomoto Group refers to this overall scientific approach as “AminoScience.”

(Picture of the Future)

We have envisioned the world the we want to realize and the social value we want to deliver based on our PoF (Picture of the Future) that identifies megatrends surrounding the planet and society in 2030 and beyond.

We set questions such as how the Ajinomoto Group should view the changes people and the planet will undergo in the next 100 years, whether we can continue to be at the center of food and health worldwide, and how we can overturn conventional wisdom, and then gathered our core human resources and the youth who will lead the next generation to develop solutions to these questions. This initiative is the PoF (Picture of the Future) project.

2030 PoF

We explored a broad range of megatrends that will surround our businesses in 2030 and areas we can contribute to.

Four Growth Areas

Health CareFood & WellnessICTGreen


Contributing to advance treatment and prevention and to help extend the healthy life expectancy

We are using "AminoScience" to deeply understand the human body and create therapeutic modalities that will advance medical treatment and prevention and contribute to longer, healthier lives. With our existing medical amino acid business as the foundation, we will enter into biopharma services business such as oligonucleotide therapeutics, and expand our culture media for biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine and medical food businesses. In addition, we will lay the groundwork for next-generation businesses where "AminoScience" can be used, such as gene and cell therapy.

Food & Wellness

Contributing to well-being and self-fulfillment through food

Through the use of digital technology, we can connect with all consumers to offer delicious foods and services.
Our aim is to provide products and services that promote health, nutritional value, and well-being, tailored to each person's health and nutrient values and unique individual needs. And based on a foundation of solid sustainable growth of our existing global businesses, we will engage in efforts such as rolling out personalized products that fit consumers better, providing D2C solutions that target small and middle mass markets, and developing new FaaS (Food as a Service) businesses by evolving both "AminoScience" and our marketing activities.


Contributing to advance semiconductors for a smart society

We are applying "AminoScience" to innovate faster semiconductors with lower environmental impact, and to improve the well-being of consumers in a smart society. Ajinomoto Build-up Film (ABF) was created thanks to advancements in "AminoScience." It started from a project to help the sustainable production of AJI-NO-MOTO® and nucleotide seasonings. ABF has become an essential material in semiconductor substrate and demand for it has grown. Advancements in ABF have contributed to the evolution of semiconductors for servers, data centers, generative AI, and GPU. Going forward, we will continue to expand into new areas and roll out new businesses that seize the opportunity of next-generation semiconductor systems such as photonics-electronics convergence through solid co-creation activities with ecosystem partners involved in the advancement of semiconductors. We will leverage "AminoScience" to apply ICT initiatives to other areas to improve the well-being of consumers and extend healthy life expectancy through co-creating food and health value for society in the future.


Creating new food standards and transitioning to recycling-based biocycles

We are building the next pillar of Ajinomoto Group business by focusing on coexistence with the planet and creating creating new food standards we call “with Earth” food to ensure we are reducing environmental impact and benefit future generations. The Ajinomoto Group views sustainability as an opportunity. Through AminoScience-based innovations, we will strive to realize a sustainable society and planet based on an ecosystem that encompasses all of society, created through our efforts to evolve fermentative production biocycles into recycling-based biocycles with no environmental impact, provide solutions to improve the quality of alternative proteins, and make advancements in other areas such as precision fermentation and regenerative agriculture.