Intellectual Property Intellectual Property

Technology and Intellectual Property that Contributes to People Worldwide

The Ajinomoto Group holds around 4,000 patents worldwide (around 1,200 in Japan and around 2,800 outside Japan).
We pursue a high-quality of strategic, and efficient intellectual property portfolio by growing intellectual property in terms of both quality and quantity. Maximizing the value of our intellectual property will help us offer better products and services.

Intellectual property as the DNA of the Ajinomoto Group

Alignment between R&D
and business strategies and IP strategy

We establish businesses in new areas by always drafting and executing strategy through collaboration and through constant synchronization of both R&D and business strategies, and IP strategy.

Patents and trademarks held by the Ajinomoto Group

Percentage of patents by segment
Percentage of trademarks by segment

Turing wide-ranging inventions and technologies into rights through patenting

By patenting the varied inventions and differentiating technologies born from "AminoScience" in wide-ranging fields, we create rights that contribute to building strong competitive advantages and high barriers to entry.

High external evaluation

Ajinomoto Group constantly rank highly in evaluations of restraining power of Japanese patents held by food companies.

Note: For patent examinations in Japan in2022, the number of patents cited as reasons for the rejection of other companies' patents in the food inductry is aggregated in "Food Industry: Ranking of Restraining Power on Other Companies in 2022"