Global Innovation Network

Core R&D centers

Pioneering technologies for food product development

World-leading bioscience and fine chemical technologies

R&D headquarters

Research & Business Planning Department

The Research & Business Planning Department sets the priorities for R&D, decides research objectives, manages projects, and nurtures human resources around the world. It is also responsible for the Open Innovation initiative, and supports business operations during market entry of new products.

Intellectual Property Department

The Intellectual Property Department manages the intellectual property of the entire Ajinomoto Group. This includes acquiring and protecting patent and trademark rights, and, in coordination with R&D and other departments, negotiating and reviewing contracts on joint research.

Core overseas R&D centers

JSC "AJINOMOTO-GENETIKA Research Institute" (AGRI) (Moscow, Russia)

AGRI conducts R&D on fermentative microbes for amino acids, nucleotides, and other products.

(Shanghai, China)

The Shanghai Food R&D Center collaborates with Ajinomoto Group companies on food flavor analysis, evaluation, and application technology to support global research and development.

Strategic organization for open innovation

NARIC - North American Research & Innovation Center

NARIC coordinates and supports Open Innovation activities at institutions, companies, and other organizations that collaborate with the Ajinomoto Group worldwide.

Client Innovation Center (CIC)

CIC generates research projects through discussions with business partners, and works with them to create new initiatives that can help resolve social issues. It features a Technology Space that presents 37 representative technologies in 14 categories from the Ajinomoto Group’s Food Science and Amino Science businesses, and a Digital Ideation Space that showcases cutting-edge ICT.