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Amino acids

Based on amino acid technologies accumulated since the establishment of the company, the Ajinomoto Group R&D encompasses the three main areas of “Food,” “Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals,” and “Pharmaceuticals & Health.”
Through cutting-edge research and development, the Ajinomoto Group aims to achieve further innovation in the future by encouraging growth in each of these three areas, as well as by further expanding the areas where they overlap.

Food Mastering everything related to “Deliciousness ,” and contributing to the “Health” of people around the world through “Food”

The Ajinomoto Group continues its research on umami and other taste technologies as part of its efforts to achieve comprehensive deliciousness, including flavor and texture, with the aim of building the world’s No.1 seasoning business.
Starting from “AJI-NO-MOTO®,” our original umami seasoning, our business has expanded to offer a wide variety of products including soup, mayonnaise, frozen foods, vegetable oil, coffee, dairy products, drinks. . , etc. We have also developed unique technologies and know-how in these fields.
Moreover, recent research has shown that our taste technologies are useful in finding solutions for nutrition issues. We will continue to contribute to the health of people around the whole world through “deliciousness.”

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Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals Pursuing new possibilities for Amino Acids through advanced technologies related to Bioscience Products and Fine Chemicals

Amino acids which support human life and health have potential possibilities yet undiscovered.
Based on its findings regarding amino acids, which have been accumulated over many years, the Ajinomoto Group has applied various functions of amino acids to many different fields. In addition to applying amino acids and nucleotides to seasonings, we have created various world-leading businesses that supply amino acids for medical products including intravenous hyperalimentation nutritional supplements, sweeteners which utilize amino acids, amino-acids-based raw materials for cosmetic products that create a full sense of naturalness, and more. Recently, we have been committed to establishing environmentally preferable production technologies, providing solutions to the global market as an international front-runner in this field.

Pharmaceuticals & Health Creating New Values for a “Healthy Life”

The Ajinomoto Group provides unique solutions to pharmaceutical and health fields by taking advantage of its original research and development. Our R&D is based on knowledge accumulated over many years in food and amino acids technologies that started with the discovery of “umami.”
As a leader in the field of amino acids, the Ajinomoto Group aims to contribute to a better life for each one of its customers by focusing on pharmaceuticals and health fields fundamental to each person.