R&D Domains

Domains of Solutions The Ajinomoto Group is founded on its unique advanced bioscience and fine chemicals technology, and engages in R&D in the areas of consumer foods and amino science.

Consumer Foods

Applying our superior seasoning
technologies to bring delicious
new value to the foods of the world

The Group is a world leader in food-sector R&D. Its scientific perspective and its development of new technologies and new ingredients provide new solutions around the world. Its wide-ranging product development includes flavor seasonings, menu-specific seasonings, soups and broths, frozen foods, and beverages for the home, businesses, and other venues. The R&D Group applies and integrates the innovative technologies and expertise of the Group, in active collaboration with other companies, institutions, and organizations.


Cutting-edge bioscience and
fine chemical technology to lead
new achievements in the utilization
of amino acids

The Ajinomoto Group has engaged for many decades in R&D on amino acids and their utilization in a growing range of operations. We have also established and developed the discipline known as AminoScience.
In fields ranging from new biomaterials, animal and plant nutrition, and chemical products, to pharmaceuticals, advanced medicine, and wellness/nutrition, the R&D efforts of the Ajinomoto Group provide global market-leading solutions.
Our goal is to create new value. To this end, we are actively establishing and expanding the Open & Linked Innovation global network together with companies and R&D institutions from Japan and around the world.

Iinnovation stories derived from the two research domains

Umami Umami
AjiPro®-L AjiPro®-L
Nabe Cube® Nabe Cube
AminoIndex® AminoIndex®
Ajinomoto Build-up Film Ajinomoto Build-up Film