Advancing the Frontiers of AminoScience

Nurturing the essence of life

The essence of life is the miracle of DNA, which survives for millennia in the human genome.
It is beautiful in its infinite diversity.

The essence of life is a vibrant force that enriches the food and health of people everywhere.
It is the energy that animates the physical world.

The essence of life is the will to do good sustained by families and friends, and the communities we serve.
It is the source of smiles and dreams.

The essence of life thrives in a world of constant change.

The R&D team — Growing knowledge and numbers

Our R&D group has grown from 100 people in 1956 to more than 1,700 today. The scale of its activity is unparalleled in the food industry and powers the growth of the entire Ajinomoto Group.

Our investment in R&D is substantial and forms the foundation for developing value-added products. In FY 2014, JPY32.2 billion (consolidated results; 3.2% of sales) was spent on R&D. Our century of experience has made it clear that R&D forms the basis for the business growth of the Ajinomoto Group.

What drives innovation is the collective knowledge of our team members and the skills they possess. Their numbers include experts in food products, fermentation, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, engineering and other key disciplines. Over 10% of them hold doctorate degrees.

Technology and intellectual property

We currently hold over 4,000 patents in Japan and overseas, and the number continues to grow — testimony to the collaborative and creative culture at Ajinomoto. The group is committed to broadening its knowledge base and improving its portfolio of strategic intellectual property.

Technology and intellectual property

Global Innovation Network

Several dozen R&D bases in fourteen countries are linked together in lateral collaboration to provide specialized solutions for our global market customers. Included are Group companies in Russia and China dedicated to R&D and a strategic base for open innovation in North America. To optimize products for specific regions and support the development of production technologies, key bases are also located in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, the U.S., France, and China.

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Customer-focused Group R&D

Ajinomoto Group R&D is led by the Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies, and the Research Institute for Bioscience Products and Fine Chemicals of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. in Japan. These institutes are also closely tied to the R&D bases of other Group companies in Japan and around the globe. Our R&D focus ranges from the next generation of fundamental technologies to the optimization of current products to meet the needs and preferences of specific regions.

The Research & Business Planning Dept. of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. plays a central role in coordinating and managing the Group R&D in terms of research theme-setting, evaluation, and resource allocation. It also develops global human resources and networks for R&D, and supports business operations management during market launches.

The R&D organization, in coordination with business operations, promotes the growth of our Open & Linked Innovation Network and works with customers to create new value.

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