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Deliciousness Technology

This refers to technologies that make food taste amazing by enhancing and combining technologies to analyze and control aroma, taste, and texture—the strengths of the Ajinomoto Group. Deliciousness Technology also create +α customer value, such as health, sustainability, and smart cooking.
We bring amazing deliciousness to a wide range of settings by providing food that is delicious and healthy, using ingredients effectively, utilizing alternative ingredients, ensuring that food keeps tasting like it was freshly made, reducing food loss in products, enabling super easy food preparation that tastes like it was made by a pro, and more.

What is Deliciousness Technology?

Realizes unrivaled deliciousness through integrated control for taste, aroma, and texture and create +α customer value.

Example of 
Deliciousness Technology(1)

Discovered “kokumi” substance

Discovered a new “Kokumi” substance (γ-glutamyl-valyl-glycine; KF001) from the research taste receptors. By enhancing “Kokumi” of dairy products, KF001 is also used as the substance for animal resource substitution technologies.

Example of Deliciousness Technology(2)

Maintaining and enhancing the texture of 
starch products with enzymes

Designing food textures by controlling the structure of food products using enzyme and contribute to sustainability.

Health Value Improvement

These technologies make it possible to live a healthy life without too much effort and achieve self-fulfillment by providing health value based on technology for collecting physical and mental health information and lifestyle and behavior information (through digital communication and collaborating with communities), technology for processing collected information, and in-depth investigation and understanding of food.

CX Design Technology

High-quality consumer data in the areas of food and health are collected and analyzed, and products are designed with AJI-PMap®, our proprietary technology for designing target quality, and AJI-EMap®, technology for designing psychological value.
Then the value customers experience over a long timespan in each step of the food experience—from purchase to cooking, eating, and disposal—are visualized and applied to the development of solutions with new value.

Food Engineering

We possess a number of technologies that enhance health value based on an engineering approach. Examples include powder processing technology that preserves nutrients in ingredients and improves usability, technology that curbs the loss of nutrients in the drying and granulation process, and coating technology that preserves nutrients. We also design functional packaging to meet needs for convenience and time-saving (e.g., microwave-safe packaging, table seasoning containers) and packaging to reduce plastic, and even develop technology for the raw materials of such packaging.

Food Reliability and Safety Design

We create new risk indicators for raw materials and drive development of future-looking technologies in the food supply chain.
We built a traceability system and a stable procurement framework for raw materials that are indispensable in products and the development of new materials and packaging.
In addition, we have established a system for verifying laws and assessing safety to ensure the peace of mind of our customers by strengthening our global quality assurance system and increasing the speed and accuracy of analysis, testing, and evaluation technology even further.