Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies

Our Mission

To bring the joy of living to people around the globe by developing technologies, products, and services that provide deliciousness, nutrition, and customer value

Structure of the Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies

Technology development center

  • Develops new materials and new technologies, provides technical support, and develops analysis technologies
  • Develops BtoB solutions for processing clients

Wellness Value Creation Center

  • Develops and provides support for products, technologies, and information that pursue health value
  • Co-creates shared customer value related to health

Product Development Center

  • Develops and enables production of seasonings and processed foods
  • Designs food production technology and packaging
  • Evaluates products (deliciousness, ease of use)

Business Area

Restaurants and Processing

Five Core Technologies

Deliciousness Technology

Achieves unrivaled deliciousness by controlling taste, aroma, and texture, and creates +α customer value

Health Value Improvement Technology

Provides solutions to health issues based on health behavior theory and functional materials

CX Design Technology

Provides “cognition”, “purchasing” ,“cooking” and ”eating” experiences with the value designed from the customer perspective

Food Engineering

Develops process and packaging technologies that contribute to customer value (+α) based on engineering approaches

Food Reliability and Safety Design Technology

Develops technologies that will lead to forward-looking raw material strategy with a bird's-eye view of the supply chain


Company Name

Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies

Head Office

1-1 Suzuki-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
210-8681 Japan