Ajinomoto Group Brazilian affiliate donates USD 320,000 to combat COVID-19

AJINOMOTO DO BRASIL INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO DE ALIMENTOS LTDA. has announced the donation of approximately BRL 1.7 million (approximately USD 320,000) to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The donation is intended to help health professionals at hospitals in regions where the company’s offices and factories are located acquire the safety and other equipment they require.

The funds are to be made available through Instituto Ajinomoto to public organizations including Instituto Emilio Ribas, Hospital São Paulo, Hospital Estadual de Bauru and Santa Casa facilities in Laranjal Paulista, Limeira, Valparaíso and Pederneiras.

“Ajinomoto do Brasil produces food and amino acid products, essential items for local populations. We recognize our responsibilities as a company, both as a supplier of goods and as a partner of the health professionals who are fighting COVID-19”, said Tatsuya Sasaki, President of Ajinomoto do Brasil. “We will continue to evaluate other initiatives through which we may be able to contribute to Brazilian society.”

Ajinomoto do Brasil has been carefully monitoring all COVID-19 developments. In March 2020, the company created a task force led by President Sasaki and including local representatives from various departments. Among measures the company has adopted to protect the safety of employees are the implementation of remote work, strengthening of hygiene and cleaning procedures at facilities, and internal communications focused on awareness-raising and guidance.

“Our primary objective is to care for and protect our employees, their families and society as a whole,” said President Sasaki. “Ajinomoto do Brasil contributes to several segments of the market including food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, so we cannot stop production. This donation is part of our way of addressing this very challenging moment for Brazil and the world.”