Ajinomoto Group Brazilian affiliate launches videos on wellness

São Paulo, July 2020 – Ajinomoto do Brasil has launched a series of videos designed to offer comfort to everyone staying safe at home during the COVID pandemic. Entitled “VONO® em Casa” and sponsored by the popular local Ajinomoto soup brand VONO®, the video series aims to provide consumers tips on dealing with the social isolation of the pandemic. Presented by well-known local journalist and influencer Chris Campos, the first episode is now available on Facebook at @sopasvono.

Produced by the agency Cappuccino Digital and created remotely by the presenter, the videos will feature five episodes to be released from now until January 2021 exploring the importance of enjoying moments of comfort during the crisis, along with tips for exercising and meditating at home, along with VONO® recipes. “VONO® has always been associated with moments of comfort and well-being, and now is certainly no different,” commented the brand’s marketing manager Adriana Maistro. “In the current situation, we need to take care of ourselves and take advantage of the fact that good times can be enjoyed at home.”

Chris Campos has authored multiple books on home lifestyles and decoration and created Brazil’s first decoration blog. VONO® is the perfect single-serving instant soup for those looking for the freedom of a light and practical meal.