Ajinomoto Group Peruvian affiliate donates food to families affected by COVID -19

AJINOMOTO DEL PERU S.A. announced an initiative to join other private sector organizations in helping provide food to vulnerable populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is donating food products valued at more than PEN 375,000 (approximately USD 110,000) to help feed disadvantaged Peruvian families. The donation amounts to some 30.1 tons of food and includes more than 64,000 packages of instant noodles and 2.5 million packages of seasonings that can be used to quickly and easily prepare soups, stews, rice and salads.

This contribution was made through a program called “Hombro a Hombro” (Shoulder to Shoulder) run by Asociación Soluciones Empresariales Contra la Pobreza (Innovations for Poverty Action) and Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil (National Institute of Civil Defense). The program channels aid to some 500,000 vulnerable Peruvians, helping meet food needs during this difficult time.

Ajinomoto del Perú General Manager Daisaku Wadami emphasized that the commitment of the private sector in times of crisis is very important: “We want to contribute through our nutritious and flavorful products to the health and well-being of people who need it most now.” Wadami expressed his hope that Ajinomoto del Perú contributing to this private sector charitable initiative will encourage other companies to contribute.

Meanwhile, governmental and international organizations including Programa Integral Nacional para el Bienestar Familiar (National Family Welfare Program) are working in coordination with the private sector and the armed forces to prepare food kits to be distributed to vulnerable populations, including senior citizens and people with severe disabilities.