CEO Video Message #4

Hello, everyone.

I would like to begin by thanking all of you, our employees, for your continued collaboration.

We are entering another month of living and working in a global pandemic, and as we continue adjusting to our “new normal,” I am inspired by your ongoing commitment and dedication to each other, our customers and our communities.

We are seeing positive signs around the globe, as many countries are beginning to lift states of emergency and ease confinement restrictions. We are working hard to ensure that you, our employees, remain safe and healthy throughout the pandemic, whether you are working from Ajinomoto offices or your home offices.

We are continuing to conduct real-time monitoring of information on COVID-19 cases at Ajinomoto affiliates around the world and encouraging employees to remotely work from their homes if possible. Under these circumstances, we have been using various digital platforms to maintain daily communications between employees, and launched an additional digital platform, Workplace by Facebook, on June 1st to connect with our colleagues anytime, anywhere. We will continue to increase engagement within our group and facilitate interactive communications despite the differences in work situations among colleagues. Global trainings conducted by our Human Resources Department have also been gradually moved online.

For employees working in our offices and factories, or for those who will soon be returning, we are providing masks and sanitizers to production sites around the world, ensuring physical distancing at production sites, and working to reduce employees’ use of public transportation.

I am proud to share some of the most recent positive contributions that Ajinomoto teams have been making in communities around the globe in response to COVID-19.

In the Philippines, many households depend on food assistance from government and charity organizations which is usually supplied through packs of rice and canned goods. To contribute to the diet and health of Filipinos, Ajinomoto donated one point six million (1.6 million) packs of calcium-rich AJI SAVOR™ Rice Topping Mix to support families affected by community quarantine.

In Indonesia, Ajinomoto donated products worth approximately 70 thousand U.S. dollars for medical personnel and volunteers who serve in 11 government referral hospitals and care for patients affected by COVID-19.

Ajinomoto in Malaysia teamed up with a local cooking magazine to provide 600 meals of our products to frontline staff at hospitals and police stations to thank them during the holy month of Ramadan for their sacrifice and contributions in keeping Malaysians safe during the pandemic.

And in the U.S., Ajinomoto launched a social campaign called #TakeOutHate to encourage people to support their neighborhood Asian restaurants, which have been closing at nearly double the rate of others due to COVID-19 related discrimination. We are no stranger to the impact of unfair stigma, and will continue to stand with those in our industry experiencing increased adversity.

I am humbled and inspired by the great work being done in our offices and facilities around the globe to support the communities we serve. And I want to thank you once again for continuing to deliver your best every single day for the consumers and customers who count on us.

As always, I hope you are staying safe and well during this time and look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

Thank you.

Takaaki Nishii
Representative Director,
President & CEO
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Jun 16, 2020