Ajinomoto Group Indonesian affiliate provides delicious and nutritious menu recipe to support “Stay Home”

The situation of the 2019 corona virus disease pandemic (Covid-19) felt by the Indonesian people is still very alarming. The Indonesian government has also implemented Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in several regions to reduce the spread of this virus, which requires all to stay #DirumahAja.

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, as a food seasoning company that has been present since 1969, wants to participate in efforts to tackle and prevent the spread of Covid-19 to support the Indonesia Government. Therefore, Dapur Umami from Ajinomoto Indonesia on April 17, 2020 has launched the ‘Menu Sehat Lezat #DirumahAja’ in response to the needs of mothers and all Indonesian people during this Covid-19 emergency situation.

‘Menu Sehat Lezat #DirumahAja’ are launched so that Housewives in Indonesia can serve practical and nutritious dishes for families which meet their daily nutritional needs, so that their endurance will always maintained during the very massive situation of the spread of Covid-19.

‘Menu Sehat Lezat #DirumahAja’ presents a daily set menu as a reference for cooking mom at home in 1 day. Menu recommendations will be given up to the next 14 days. The recommended menu will be different every day, so that mothers and families at home wouldn’t get bored and more eager to eat every menu variation that is served.

“The menu in the program is a recommendation from our nutritionist by considering the calculation of daily nutritional needs. Especially the need for protein (animal & vegetable) that complements the needs of amino acids in the body, so that the immune system will always be maintained, “said Yani Herlyani, Consumer Food and Seasoning Department Manager – Ajinomoto Indonesia.

“In each set menu included the total nutritional content per day, so mothers can ensure that the recommended menu is in accordance with daily nutritional needs,” he continued.

In addition to paying attention to the menu variations and nutritional content, the recommended menu uses ingredients that are easily purchased, can even be easily found at the itinerant vegetable seller. Besides that, mothers can add the excitement of cooking time by involving their beloved children because it is easy and practical.

With this program, it is hoped that mothers at home can ensure the daily nutrition of the family is met, and also endurance is maintained even though have to keep #DirumahAja during the Covid-19 emergency. To find out more about the ‘Menu Sehat Lezat #DirumahAja’ program.

Dapur Umami is a means for housewives in Indonesia to get various practical, delicious and nutritious menu references, which have been present since 2011. In November 2017, Dapur Umami (www.dapurumami.com) became the first menu portal to provide nutritional value information on each menu, so that it not only provides a practical, easy, and delicious menu reference but is also guaranteed to be nutritious. Since then Dapur Umami has continued to communicate the importance of serving a balanced nutritious menu for families.

“Dapur Umami is also one of the ways from Ajinomoto Indonesia to contributes or share values (Ajinomoto Shared Value) to the people of Indonesia on the issue of health (malnutrition),” said Indra Nurcahyo, Public Relations Department Manager – Ajinomoto Indonesia.