Ajinomoto Group Indonesian affiliate donates food through The National Zakat Board (Baznas) to support frontline healthcare personnel

As a food seasoning company that is widely known by the public, Ajinomoto Indonesia Group is participating to tackle Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia. Together with the National Zakat Board (BAZNAS), the Ajinomoto Indonesia Group made donations in the form of Ajinomoto products worth 1 billion Rupiah (around USD 70,000) for medical personnel, and volunteers who served in 11 government referral hospitals in handling patients affected by Covid-19 in Jakarta and Houses Emergency Hospital Wisma Atlet Jakarta.

The distribution of this donation was carried out with a ceremony which was handed over directly by the President Director of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, Mr. Ichiro Sakakura, to the Disaster Response Director of Baznas, Dian Mandala Putri, at Ajinomoto Indonesia Headquarters, in the Sunter, North Jakarta, Friday (5/15).

“As a company that understands the meaning of health through delicious and nutritious food, we believe that what we provide can support various parties who are directly involved in handling Covid-19 Pandemic, so that they remain healthy and have adequate nutritional intake,” said Ichiro Sakakura, President Director of Ajinomoto Indonesia.

“Other parties also provide support in the form of material, energy, time, and mind, to help those affected, and those who are struggling to treat the sick. These current situation makes us more be able to appreciate being together with family, and can refrain to keep stay at home,” he continued.

Disaster Response Director of Baznas, Dian Mandala Putri, appreciated Ajinomoto Indonesia Group who participated to provide support for medical staff who are still struggling at the forefront in handling Covid-19.

“Thank you Ajinomoto Indonesia Group for their trust with Baznas in channeling this donation. This step is one form of support for the government in handling Covid-19, especially for the medical team. With this logistical support I hope it will support the task of the main medical teams in fulfilling food in carrying out humanitarian tasks in facing the Covid-19 crisis,” Dian said.

The synergy of this donation can be the beginning for providing other donation both to protect medical personnel in carrying out their duties, and to help the poor who are also very affected by Covid-19 crisis.

“Hopefully this support from Ajinomoto Indonesia Group will become another corporate mover to support the handling of Covid-19 so that current conditions can return into normal. Baznas is committed to continue to fight with providing donation for those in need through health, social and economic donation programs,” she continued.