Commitment to Minimizing Animal Testing

Ajinomoto Group
Revised on : April 1, 2021

At the Ajinomoto Group, our goal is to contribute to the health and well-being of all living things through service, product and R&D initiatives across a variety of categories such as foods, supplements, medical foods, and contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) of pharmaceutical products. For all of these, it is our responsibility to evaluate and guarantee customer safety.

We strictly observe the 3Rs, which are fundamental rules internationally, scientifically, and ethically:

  1. Replacement: Consideration of methods other than animal testing

  2. Reduction: Minimal use of animals

  3. Refinement: Selection of methods that keep pain to the minimum

Researchers and technicians involved in animal testing shall be educated in animal physiology, biology and behavior and receive training on animal ethics prior to undertaking any work.

We always seek viable alternatives that minimize testing on animals. Across the Ajinomoto Group we are committed to understanding and deploying alternative methods and new technologies, where viable, and do not conduct testing on animals as much as possible.

For products including seasonings, processed foods, frozen foods and drinks, the Ajinomoto Group does not test on animals.

The only cases in which testing on animals may occur are:

  1. To meet local laws and/or regulatory requirements;

  2. When there is no other way to scientifically guarantee safety and effectiveness;

  3. For research & development of new materials, manufacturing methods or analysis methods that contribute to the health of consumers, patients, or livestock;

  4. To clarify nutritional impact, the mechanism of sensory receptivity, and the pathogenesis of diseases; and

  5. To confirm the safety of new materials or manufacturing methods that contribute to the health of consumers, patients, or livestock.

In these instances, animal testing is done only after a review by our internal animal testing committee, and only for the approved material or method.

At the Ajinomoto Group, we take the issue of animal testing extremely seriously, and we therefore commit to review this policy as required.