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Ajinomoto Co., Inc. holds two roundtable meetings on ways to better coexist with animals

June 26th 2020


Underscoring the Ajinomoto Group’s ongoing drive to consider ways in which it can better coexist with animals, we held the second and third in a series of roundtables on this theme in Tokyo on April 8 and May 13, respectively.

A panel of outside experts alongside our senior leaders engaged in active dialogue on several key areas related to this important theme. Please see below for a summary of these roundtable meetings.

The second roundtable comprised the following four elements:

  • Professor Edahiro’s presentation on: “Better Defining Animal Welfare”

  • Updates from each of the expert panelists on the latest thinking about animal welfare

  • Introduction of the Ajinomoto’s Group Shared Policy on Better Mutual Relationships with Animals and other Company protocols

  • Our approach to animal welfare and the status of animal testing

The third roundtable comprised the following three elements:

  • Report about actions by Procurement Department to safeguard animal welfare

  • Dialogue on addressing animal testing within our measures to improve animal welfare

  • Direction for future roundtable meetings and launching a new Farm Animal Welfare Working Group (tentative name) to support the activities of the roundtable

At the beginning of the second meeting, Professor Edahiro presented an overview of animal welfare including recent advances and thinking in this area from around the world. Following this presentation, the outside experts gave their views on how we can better coexist with animals.

At both the second and third roundtables, the Ajinomoto Group representatives listened to the expert views, held an open exchange of opinions on the current status of each aspect of animal welfare at the Group. In addition, the experts shared with us their views and guidance on the future direction to deepen our commitment to animal welfare.

At the third roundtable, we reported on the launch of a new Farm Animal Welfare Working Group (tentative name). We will engage in constructive dialogues with key stakeholders involved in our Group’s procurement of livestock materials, and effectively utilize the dialogues for exchanging opinions at upcoming roundtables as well as enhancing understanding on animal welfare at the Ajinomoto Group’s business units.

Starting from the fourth roundtable, we plan to reset our commitment to animal welfare to reflect rising public awareness of animal breeding and animal welfare while exploring the potential risks and opportunities this may pose for the Ajinomoto Group.



Junko Edahiro (Professor, Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation, Shizenkan University)

External members: Arisa Kishigami (ESG/Sustainability Specialist)

Shigeru Kyuwa (Professor, University of Tokyo)

Kenichi Takeda (Associate Professor, Shinshu University)

Ajinomoto Co., Inc.:

Hiroyuki Kojima (Officer in charge of R&D)

Chika Morishima (Officer in charge of Sustainability)

Junichiro Kojima (Officer in charge of Corporate Planning), etc.