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Ajinomoto Co., Inc. holds first roundtable on ways to better coexist with animals

March 11, 2020

The Ajinomoto Group’s mission is “to contribute to the world’s food and wellness, and to better lives for the future,” and we interact with animals in the course of our business activities and the development of products. It is for this reason that we formulated our Group Shared Policy on Better Mutual Relationships with Animals, and have worked to engage in business and develop products in line with this policy.

In recognition of changing trends both inside and outside of Japan, we have assembled a roundtable of experts to consider ways in which the Ajinomoto Group can “coexist even more harmoniously with animals” in a format that better reflects the times we live in and societal expectations. This roundtable process will play a central role, in engaging in a wider dialogue about how we can better coexist with animals.

The first roundtable was held on February 5, 2020. The session began with an overview of our company and explanations of how our business relates with animals through our businesses as well as our approach and initiatives in this area so far. The overview was followed by an exchange of views on the key themes to be addressed by future roundtables.

  1. Changes in public perceptions relating to animal welfare, and in global trends in this area

  2. The legal system surrounding animal well-being and animal welfare

  3. The welfare of laboratory animals

  4. The welfare of livestock animals

  5. Animal well-being and human welfare

  6. Awareness of issues connected with sustainability (what animal welfare means for business operators)

Participants agreed on the themes listed above which will be addressed at the second and subsequent roundtables.



Junko Edahiro (Professor, Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation, Shizenkan University)

External members

Arisa Kishigami (ESG/Sustainability Specialist)
Shigeru Kyuwa (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Kenichi Takeda (Associate Professor, Shinshu University)

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. members

Masaya Tochio (Representative Director, Corporate Senior Vice President)
Junichiro Kojima (Corporate Executive Officer, General Manager, Corporate Planning Dept.)