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Ajinomoto Co., Inc. holds the seventh and eighth roundtables on better animal welfare

March 29th, 2021

In order to strengthen the Ajinomoto Group’s initiatives for animal welfare, we held the seventh (February 16, 2021) and eighth (March 2, 2021) roundtables.

With Professor Junko Edahiro of Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation, Shizenkan University, as facilitator, we primarily focused on an exchange of opinions regarding proposed revisions to our Group Shared Policy on Better Mutual Relationships with Animals in both meetings.


We confirmed proposals submitted by the working group from a variety of angles, such as whether they incorporated the direction in which the Ajinomoto Group’s animal welfare efforts should move in the future. The eighth roundtable also included an exchange of opinions on future initiatives.


This concludes the roundtables (eight in total) and meetings of the working group (five in total). The revised Group Shared Policy will be released soon, once it has been approved internally.




Junko Edahiro (Professor, Graduate School of Leadership and Innovation, Shizenkan University)

External members:

Arisa Kishigami (ESG & Sustainability Specialist)

Dr. Shigeru Kyuwa (Professor, The University of Tokyo)

Dr. Kenichi Takeda (Associate Professor, Shinshu University)

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. members:

Chika Morishima (Officer in charge of Sustainability)

Junichiro Kojima (Officer in charge of Corporate Planning), etc.