The Ajinomoto Group Works with Society

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On-Site Classes (Japan)

Inspiring an Excitement for Life Among the Generation of Future Leaders

The Ajinomoto Group was founded in 1909 with the aspiration to help people “Eat Well, Live Well.” This vision continues to today, as we work together with schools to offer an On-Site Classes in the hope that children will become future leaders, supported by healthy minds and bodies.

On-Site Classes Nurtures an Excitement for Life through Knowledge and Practice

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. aims to nurture healthy minds and bodies through an On-Site Classes tailored to fifth-grade students. In those classes, Ajinomoto employees and plant tour staff serve as instructors.

We revised the content of the On-Site Classes in fiscal 2022. We now offer two programs based on the curriculum guidelines for home economics and social studies. These programs have been well received by students and teachers, who say that it provides an opportunity for children to develop an interest in food through hands-on learning.

Since our first On-Site Class in 2006, more than 130,000 students have participated.

Our society will undergo remarkable environmental changes in the future. Ajinomoto Co., Inc. supports children and their teachers through classes that encourage students to think and act on their own. We focus on the importance of eating, and we hope to inspire an interest in food, better food futures, and a healthy life in harmony with the earth as we work with teachers in support of education.

On-Site Classes Overview

The On-Site Classes are for fifth grade elementary school students, consisting of an In-Person Class, in which employees visit schools to give class lectures, and a Remote Class, in which classes are offered online via live streaming. In addition to the class itself, children learn and gain practical skills through pre- and post-lessons using special textbooks.

Umami and the Secrets of Nutrition: Integrated with Home Economics

Using school lunch as an example, students learn about umami, deliciousness, and the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet. The umami tasting experience and observational study of real dashi ingredients are also popular parts of the program.

Monodukuri and the Secrets of HONDASHI®: Integrated With Social Studies

In this class, students watch a video showing the process of making HONDASHI®, learning how ingredients travel through the production process and arrive at the homes of consumers. The video also highlights the ingenuity and hard work of the people involved in the process. We also communicate the efforts of companies to use limited resources with minimum waste.