R&D capabilities

Food science

Our flavor innovations bring delicious new value to food

The leadership of the Ajinomoto Group is backed by more than a century of R&D experience creating advanced processes and technologies that deliver new value to food around the world. Our commitment to research drives wide-ranging product development, from flavor seasonings and menu-specific seasonings to soups and broths, frozen foods, and beverages for the home and other venues. Ajinomoto food scientists and engineers apply and integrate the technologies from the Group, in active collaboration with other companies, institutions, and organizations.

Amino science

We pioneer new applications for amino acids through innovation in bioscience.

Continuous innovation is a cornerstone of the Ajinomoto Group. What we have learned through decades of R&D into amino acids is bearing fruit in a growing range of new applications. We have also established a discipline known as amino science and made significant advances in fields ranging from new biomaterials, animal and plant nutrition to pharmaceuticals, advanced medicine, and wellness/nutrition. Solutions from our laboratories have stimulated progress and enriched the quality of life.

Our ultimate goal is to create new value. That’s why we are actively expanding our Open Innovation global network to work more closely with partner companies and R&D institutions around the world.