Group Shared Policy on Marketing Communications

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : March 1, 2018
Revised on : April 1, 2020
Revised on : April 1, 2024


We constantly aim to put customers across the world first and, through advanced technology and creativity, develop and provide highly safe, high-quality products and services, as well as appropriate information. Through marketing communications, we will at all times strive to make all our customers “smiles” and “excitement”.

Marketing communications is a two-way process. The increasing importance of internet and digital media has raised social awareness in relation to our business.
In this context, the Ajinomoto Group establishes this policy based on the international standard, “ICC Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communications” established by International Chamber of Commerce and will engage in responsible marketing communications. In particular, we will conduct responsible marketing communications with greater consideration for children. This policy applies to our marketing communications in all the media.

We will at all times be diligent in ensuring the following principles to realize our belief stated above;

  1. We will endeavor to ensure that descriptions and labels of our products and services are proper and readily understandable in order not to mislead our customers. We will ensure that our marketing communications do not undermine the importance of healthy lifestyles and do not encourage or condone excess consumption. Portion sizes should be appropriate to the setting portrayed and the intended consumers.

  2. We will endeavor to ensure that health benefit claims, nutrition claims, social benefit and environmental impact claims on our products and services must have a sound scientific basis, comply with applicable legislation and regulations, and be readily understandable to our customers.

  3. We ensure that advertising content does not depict attitudes that are discriminatory or offensive to any race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, origin, sex, age, disability, LGBT identity, etc., and is always considerate of our customers.

  4. We ensure to comply with laws and regulations and adequate quality standards regarding the safety of our products and services.

  5. We ensure that we do not give customers or business partners false information about the products or services of other companies, which may discredit them.

We will take specially responsible actions in marketing communications aimed at children, and in addition to the above, we will at all times be diligent in ensuring the following principles.
“Children” in general refer to those under 12 years of age, however, definitions may vary from country to country depending on the laws, regulations and generally accepted perception.

  1. We will not improperly exploit the inexperience or imagination of children. We will endeavor to not create a sense of urgency, or price minimization and not to exploit children’s imagination by using fantasy/animation, which may mislead about the benefits of products.

  2. We will endeavor that products are appropriate for the specific age range of children portrayed in the marketing communications.

  3. We will endeavor not to mislead children about potential benefits from the use of the product.

  4. We will endeavor that our marketing communications will respect the role of parents and caregivers and do not undermine their authority.

  5. We will endeavor that children shown in our communication are not seen urging parents, caregivers or others to buy products.

We promise our customers that we will thoroughly implement the above. The “AJINOMOTO Brand” is proof of our strong resolve to be responsible.