Ajinomoto Co., Inc. holds the Sustainability Advisory Council Pre-Meeting

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. held the Pre-Meeting as input session on April 6, 2021. In order for Sustainability Advisory Council to discuss and make recommendations on the Ajinomoto Group’s approach to sustainability and ESG from a multi-stakeholder perspective, it is crucial that the Council members deeply understand the Group, the members understand each other more deeply including his/her value and backgrounds, and that each member understands the expectations as the Council member.

At the Pre-Meeting, the Ajinomoto Group’s amino acid-based identity and core technologies, outline of core businesses, and major initiatives related to sustainability were introduced to the Council members. The Council members visited the Group’s Client Innovation Center to deepen their understanding of the Group’s technological capabilities. In advance of the Pre-Meeting, CEO Nishii and Chairman Davis sent a joint name letter to the Council members. Nishii and Chairman Davis once again told their expectation to each Council members at the Pre-Meeting.

We received various feedbacks from each Council member with high expectations for future discussions. Some of them are as follows. “I am delighted to feel the enthusiasm of both CEO Nishii and Chairman Davis for sustainability.”, “I’m glad to hear a message from the Chairman ‘let’s pursue positive, and future-oriented discussions.’”

At the next meeting of Sustainability Advisory Council, we will deepen our understanding of the Ajinomoto Group’s aspirations and share expectations for the Group from the perspective of each stakeholder (specialty of the Council members).