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Open & Linked Innovation

Open & Linked Innovation The Ajinomoto Group initiative for Open & Linked Innovation combines knowledge and expertise from around the globe to deliver an exciting world of new value.

Creating new value, together. Blazing new paths to the future.

Open & Linked Innovation describes our process for growth and the creation of new value through partnership and innovation. It is an approach of fundamental importance to the Ajinomoto Group in both spirit and value, and we welcome like-minded newcomers to join our team of enterprises, research institutions, and other organizations from Japan and around the world.

Through this collaborative approach, we bring researchers together with different backgrounds, disciplines, perspectives, techniques, and expertise. As a result, we are empowered to blaze new paths to future possibilities and to make contributions to society on a global scale.

AJINOMOTO Open & Linked Innovation

Our Strengths

The Ajinomoto Group is a leader in the field of foods and amino acids. Now as in the century since its founding, the focus of the Group is on cutting-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies based on amino acids research.


The Ajinomoto Group uses its globally unparalleled seasoning technology to conduct groundbreaking research on umami and other tastes, as well as all components of deliciousness, which include flavor, texture, and the external environment. This intrinsically requires an effective response to the needs and preferences of consumers in different regions and countries. For this purpose, we combine the results of our findings to create our own distinctive new materials, production processes and applications to provide solutions to food-related problems around the globe.

In seasonings, soups and broths, mayonnaises, frozen foods, coffee, and many other categories, our food and food-material products provide value and enjoyment for consumers and industrial operations around the world.

We apply the distinctive expertise of the Ajinomoto Group to the development of seasonings, enzyme preparations for increased food quality, and other products and materials to aid business customers in the convenience-store, boxed-lunch/delicatessen, restaurant, and other sectors of the food-service industry, as well as producers of processed foods and other food products.

Amino science

AminoScience originated in the Ajinomoto Group and has led to a high level of research focused on developing technologies for the functional study, production, analysis, and blending of amino acids, nucleotides, and their derivatives. This has led to high-performance biomaterials, animal nutrition products, cosmetics, electronics materials, and many other materials and products that respond to customer needs.

Amino science has also led to global healthcare solutions in our biopharmaceuticals, media for regenerative medicine, AminoIndex Technology, and other healthcare operations.

With our core knowledge of cutting-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies, we are working to develop more new products and materials with higher added value that respond to customer and social needs, and the creation of new business operations and models.

Research grants


The Ajinomoto Co. Innovation Alliance Program (AIAP) of the Ajinomoto Group provides grants for achievements from around the world in technology and research that contribute to the health of people and their societies. Similar to Open & Linked Innovation, which spans a wide range of fields focusing on amino acid-based technologies, AIAP is directed at the creation of new value-added products.

Domains of invitation:
Foods, Bioscience, Finechemicals, healthcare and nutritions

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"Ajinomoto Innovation Alliance Program (AIAP)" is our research support program targeting innovative proposals from a wide range of both applicant types and research areas

Global strategic base

NARIC - North American
Research & Innovation

NARIC is a strategic base for the Ajinomoto Group global research and development. It coordinates and supports the activities of institutions, companies, other organizations, and the Ajinomoto Group in the Open & Linked Innovation program in the U.S., Europe, and around the world.

NARIC - North American Research & Innovation Center

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North American Research & Innovation Center (NARIC) is actively promoting the Ajinomoto's "Open & Linked Innovation".

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