Ten great inventors in Japan

To introduce MSG in the Japanese market, Dr. Ikeda developed a new production process by using wheat protein as a raw material. His invention of the industrial production process of MSG made him one of the ten Japanese great inventors selected by the Japanese Patent Office, who helped advance various kinds of industries in Japan.


The list of Ten Great Inventors in Japan

  • Sakichi Toyoda : Wooden weaving driven machine by human power (Origin of Toyota Motor Corporation)
  • Kokichi Mikimoto : Cultured Pearls (Origin of K.MIKIMOTO & Co., Ltd.)
  • Kikunae Ikeda : Sodium Glutamate (Origin of Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)
  • Jokichi Takamine : Adrenaline
  • Umetaro Suzuki : Vitamin B1
  • Kyota Sugimoto : Typewriter for Japanese Language
  • Kotaro Honda : KS Steel
  • Hidetsugu Yagi : Yagi Antenna
  • Yasujiro Niwa : Phototelegraphic Method
  • Tokushichi Mishima : MKM Magnetic Steel

These inventions are important not only for Japan, but also for economic development worldwide.